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    Products List

    Guanchen industrial has advanced differential modified polyester production line and leading melt direct spinning staple fiber device. Two flexible differentiated polyester staple fiber production lines, with flexible variety switching, can meet the personalized needs of the market with more varieties and less batches. The company provides the market with 30,000 tons of modified polyester slice, 30,000 tons of melt direct spinning modified staple fiber and 15,000 tons of slice spinning differentiated staple fiber every year. At present, it has formed six categories of products, including modified fiber, fine fiber, profiled fiber, functional fiber, colored fiber and high-performance fiber with more than 100 short fiber varieties and specifications. Ion POY filament and cation DTY filament are complete in specifications and can be spun according to customer requirements.

    Differential polyester slice: cationic dyeable polyester slice

    Differentiated polyester staple fiber

    Category Product name Specification Unit (tex * mm)
    Modified fiber Cationic dyeing 1.33*38     1.56*38     2.22*38     4.44*38/51
    Cationic dyeing 1.33*38     1.67/2.22*38/51
    Semi-high light shrinkage 1.67*38     2.22*51
    ECDP High shrinkage 1.56*38     2.22*38
    Anomalous section Light triangle 1.67*38     2.22*38/51
    Cationic triangle 2.22*38/51
    ECDP triangel 1.67*38
    Luminous flattening 2.22*38     4.44*38/51
    Cation flattening 4.44*38/51
    ECDP flattening 4.44*38
    Semi-extinction/cation /ECDP cross 1.67*38/51
    Dumbbell fibre 7.77/11.11*38
    Color and colored alien Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, gray, coffee, haichang blue, black, black and other colors have light round shape 1.56*38     1.67*38     2.22*38/51
    Red, yellow, blue, emerald green, rose, purple, black and other light triangle 2.22/3.33*38
    Red, yellow, blue, gray, purple, black and so on light flat 2.22/4.44*38
    Blue and black with light dumbbells 8.88/11.11*38
    Functional fibre Antibacterial, bamboo charcoal, far-infrared, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant fiber, etc 1.56/1.67/2.22*38/51
    High performance fibre PPS round, three-leaf type 1.11/2.22*51/64


    Cationic POY, DTY

    Cationic POY 86dtex 36f 140dtex 36f/72f 175dtex 36f/48f 260dtex 48f
    350dtex 96f 430dtex 96f 520dtex 96f  
    Cationic DTY 50D 36f 75D 36f 100D 48f 150D 48f
    200D 96f 250D 96f 300D 96f  


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    E-mail:  dh@donghuafiber.com

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